Email Marketing Reports is gone


Why take down the site?

It's six years since any new content was added. Rather than leave outdated articles online, I chose to take down the website as of mid-July 2016.

Do you still work in email and/or marketing?

No. After almost twenty years in the business, I closed my copywriting business and no longer comment or write on digital marketing topics. If you're looking for an independent (email) marketing expert in Europe, I can recommend Tim Watson, Kath Pay, Jordie van Rijn or Dave Chaffey.

Where are you now?

Following my heart and working as a part-time lecturer at a local university, and as a novelist. You can find/contact me at these online projects:

You can still find articles by me over at Smart Insights, which has also taken on some of the content previously published here.

Thanks and all the best,

(Mark Brownlow)


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